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Ask your Maine Senators to support The Safe Chemicals Act of 2011

Maine heroes have stepped up to the plate to defend our kids from toxic chemicals linked to serious health problems, from cancer and learning disabilities to diabetes and asthma.  In 2008, Mainers came together to pass the common-sense Kid Safe Products Act to help phase-out toxic chemicals that pose a danger to our children.  But all over Maine, too many parents still worry about buying products that are safe for their kids.  Too many families suffer from health problems linked to chemical exposure.  And too many businesses are plagued by high healthcare costs. 

Maine can't go it alone!

80,000 chemicals are currently in use--and only 200 of them have been tested for safety. It's time for reform!

We need a hero in Congress who can build on Maine's common-sense laws by fixing our national chemical safety policies, which are badly broken.  For 35 years the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)of 1976 has not protected the health and safety of our kids, allowing thousands of untested chemicals onto shelves and into our homes.  Out of 80,000 chemicals in our products, barely 200 have been tested under TSCA – clearly, it’s time for reform. 

We have a unique opportunity to fix this broken system.

The Safe Chemicals Act of 2011 (S. 847), introduced by Senator Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey, will immediately phase out chemicals that we already know are dangerous.  It will also require safety testing for chemicals before they end up in our products, and provide a lot more information to consumers.  Plus, this law would also reward innovative companies who are creating safer technologies. 

We just learned that the Safe Chemicals Act is on-track for a Committee vote this fall!

We need the Senators' support now - TAKE ACTION!

It could be a matter of weeks before the Safe Chemicals Act makes its way out of committee.  Now is the time for Senators Snowe and Collins to be our heroes by co-sponsoring the Safe Chemicals Act of 2011.  Maine has already led the way passing state laws to phase out toxic chemicals like lead, mercury, and BPA from every-day products.  Now we need Maine's Senators lead the way to sensible chemical safety reform.  Urge your Senators to act now!

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Maine’s Kid-Safe Products Law Strengthened

Last week, environmental health advocates won key provisions to protect the health of women and children in Maine.  In a stunning show of bipartisan cooperation, the Environmental and Natural Resources Committee of the Maine State Legislature unanimously voted in favor of strengthening and clarifying the existing Kid-Safe Products Law.  This effort was the result of collaboration between Maine’s business community and environmental health advocates who sought common ground for a solution to protect children’s health and find a workable process for businesses to phase out harmful chemicals in their products. 

PPNNE opposed the original version of  the bill, LD 1129, because it was industry-backed and rendered the Kid-Safe Product Act ineffective.  With great testimony from a broad range of advocates, small business owners, scientists, mothers, and young women at the public hearing, we demonstrated strong public pressure to protect the health of women and children from chemical harm.

Click here to read a more detailed description of this environmental victory and what it means for Maine women and families--written by our allies at Environmental Health Strategy Center.

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