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Old-School Cleaning

After my usual spring-cleaning meltdown about the toxic ingredients in various cleaning supplies, I decided to research the "old school" methods.  I know there are wonderful products by companies like Seventh Generation and Ecover, but what did people do before they had these options?


Some interesting things I learned from Re-nest, an insightful website about green living:

  • Add half a lemon to the dishwasher and your dishes will emerge sparkling and spot-free. (Instead of the mysterious blue stuff that gets sprayed all over our dishes now.)
  • Cucumber slices will remove tarnish from stainless steel.
  • Lime scale and soap residue can be removed by rubbing lemon on them-faucets or porcelain.

I certainly can't employ all of the 27 Household Uses for Citrus or fully wallow in the Secret Super Cleaning Powers of the Mighty Cucumber, but it is a start, and certainly preferable over the usual toxic culprits.

What are some of your favorite eco-friendly cleaning techniques?

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Seventh Generation’s Million Baby Crawl

Since March, we’ve been focusing on products and chemicals that negatively affect women’s reproductive health. 


This week, we want to focus on one company that’s actually doing something right—and has been for years—Seventh Generation.


Seventh Generation is the leading brand of green cleaners, laundry detergent, dishwashing soap, diapers, baby wipes, tampons, recycled toilet paper, tissues, and paper towels. They believe in creating products that are not only effective, but are safe. Go figure.


Currently, Seventh Generation is in the middle of a very important campaign for chemical reform. It’s called the Million Baby Crawl and it is a virtual baby crawl to Washington, D.C. to say “no” to toxic chemicals found in our homes. Seventh Generation has teamed up with Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families to demand toxic chemical policy reform. They hope for a bill that will:  
•Take quick action on the most dangerous chemicals.
•Require full information on the health and environmental hazards associated with all chemicals.

•Protect all people and vulnerable groups - including children and pregnant women – using the best science.

Last night, as part of the Million Baby Crawl, Seventh Generation held “A Crawl to Action,” at the ECHO Center in Burlington, VT.  Participants had the chance to learn more about the crawl, snatch up some Seventh Generation giveaways, and even get up on their “soapbox” to talk about toxicants. We had a great time.  


 How can you join the fight against toxic chemicals?  Help Seventh Generation reach a million names for their petition by Creating a Crawler today.  While you’re on the site, forward some info to a friend or family member via Twitter, Facebook or email.  Sign up for the next Crawl to Action Event. Want to do more?  Contact Congress to let them know you think it’s time to update laws governing toxic chemicals.

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